Shark Allegedly Stolen From Aquarium Using Baby Stroller

By Kayla Jardine

Police simply followed the trail of water droplets to find the stolen shark. 
Staff at the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas were treated to an interesting missing creature case when one of their sharks was stolen right from a tank by a visitor who used a baby stroller as a getaway car. 
The 16-inch horn shark nicknamed ‘Miss Helen’ was allegedly taken during business hours in what police suspect was a planned heist. 

According to officials, the thieves stalked the tank for nearly an hour until they quickly pulled the animal out of the water. 
Leon Valley Police went to the home of a man who had an extensive marine life habitat and found what looked like a mock-up of the SanAntonioo Aquarium and thankfully Miss Helen was there. 
It looks like sharks aren’t the only dangerous prey at the aquarium.