‘Spicy’ Couple Chooses Local Taco Bell As Setting For Their Prom Photos


By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

This couple's prom photos sure were spicy!

Abby Creneti and her girlfriend Riley Papile were really thinking outside the bun when they decided to take their prom pictures at a local Taco Bell in Pennsylvania.

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The adorable pair posed for photographer Rachel Beck outside of the popular chain and even went inside to snap a couple of shots with a friendly cashier -- and some yummy tacos, of course.

"I eat at Taco Bell probably five days a week on average," Papile told PEOPLE. "I am not proud of it, but man those tacos are good."

While the pair did get some weird looks from nearby customers, the couple was having so much fun they simply didn’t care.

Now we’re just wondering if they danced the salsa while they were at prom.