Stranger Saves Driver From Car Dangling Off California Parking Garage

Photo credit Santa Monica Fire Department

By Meredith Ganzman/Joe CIngrana

This woman is lucky to be alive after a tourist rescued her when her car was left dangling off the fifth story of a parking garage in Santa Monica, CA.

Authorities say it was a tourist who rescued the woman from the car but then quickly left the scene.

Fire officials in California said the driver was in the process of parking her car when she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake, sending the car into the safety cables which luckily prevented it from falling down the full five stories.

Dangling by two wheels off the side of the garage, the driver was stuck inside with only a few feet between the floor of the garage and a five-story drop. While it took about two dozen fire officials to finally stabilize the car, it only took one good Samaritan to pull the woman to safety.

Thankfully she was not hurt but was definitely rattled by the experience.