Stuttering John Says Secret Service Has Questions About Presidential Prank Call

July 2, 2018

WASHINGTON (1010 WINS) -- Stuttering John Melendez is not the same person as Senator Bob Menedez, but Melendez -- of Howard Stern fame -- pretended to be the senator and prank called President Donald Trump.

The president apparently couldn't tell the difference as Melende pushed for answers on possible Supreme Court nominees.

"I will help you if you don't go too conservative," he said.

"We're gonna probably make a decision Bob over the next two weeks," the president responded.

Now, Stuttering John says the Secret Service wants to meet with him. He said Michael Avenatti has agreed to take time out from representing Stormy Daniels to represent him.

The White House has reportedly launched an internal investigation into how Stuttering John was able to get through to the president.