25 Years Ago Tool and Candlebox Headlined KISW's Rockstock '94

Tool is preparing to release their first album in 13 years on August 30
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Photo credit Karen Mason-Blair
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Back in the early 90s, during the height of the "Seattle sound", there was a band called Tool that caught KISW's attention for being nothing like the grunge movement that was exploding all around the country. They were heavy and experimental. They were psychedelic and progressive. And they were set to co-headline KISW's Rockstock '94 with Candlebox on May 28, 1994. They, were Tool.

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Photo credit Sabrina Manhas Hutchinson


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Photo credit Cathy Faulkner


The weekend featured two days of music at the Kitsap Bowl in Bremerton - Tool and Candlebox for Rockstock on Saturday, and Soundgarden on Sunday. The Seattle Times wrote up a preview of the shows, and KISW listeners still recall their experiences during this unforgettable event.

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Photo credit Karen Mason-Blair

25 years later (and 13 years in the making). Tool will release their 5th studio album Fear Inoculum on August 30th, rumored to be an 85-minute masterpiece. The band released the title track on August 7.

Cathy Faulkner recalls Rockstock '94 and the longstanding history between KISW and Tool, bringing us all the way up to the present.


If you can't seem to get enough Tool in your life, their first four albums are now available on all digital and streaming platforms. 

Thank you to Karen Mason-Blair and Cathy Faulkner for the incredible photographs and memories surrounding Rockstock '94. Karen is a photography legend in Seattle and beyond, and has photographed just about every band and musician to come up through this city.

To check out more of Karen's work, visit karenmasonblair.com.