Teen With Genetic Disorder Granted Wish To Be Police Officer For A Day


By Meredith Ganzman/Joe Cingrana

14-year-old Jet got to live out his dream of becoming a real-life police officer. 

The Australian teen has a rare genetic disorder and has to spend a lot of time in the hospital. So one foundation granted his wish to start training with the South Australian Police a little early and work alongside his hero cops for a day. After a busy day of squad car training and riding with the water operations team, he even got to meet the force’s four legged members in the dog and horse departments.

The department worked on the special wish together with the Starlight Children's Foundation, whose programs complement traditional medical treatment by helping young people flourish, build resilience and shape their individuality.

Although Jet says his favorite part was catching his dad speeding and pulling him over and handcuffing him! Not a bad first day.

Jet has already been promoted to an acting police commissioner, and officers say he's welcome back on the job anytime.