Teen Parents Reunite After 10 Years To Wed, and Their 6-Year-Old Daughter Was VERY Happy About It

June 19, 2018

By Kayla Jardine/Joe CIngrana

This wedding was much more than a marriage between man and wife; It brought together a family after a decade of being apart. 

Jenni and Timmy Gibson separated shortly after having their two daughters when they were just teens but eventually found their way back together. Jenni wanted to get married for their three children but never imagined how much the wedding would mean to their youngest daughter, Lexi. 

Missie Lafrenz Photography

During their vows, six-year-old Lexi broke down crying, and later told her mom the moment was just so beautiful. 

Missie Lafrenz Photography

Photographer Missie Lafrenz tells Radio.com that when she first got to the venue, all of the kids were with Jenni, excited and wanting to hug their mom and take pictures with her. "Jenni and Timmy wrote their vows and they were very personal and heartfelt," says Lafrenz. "All three flowers girls became emotional but little Lexi was very emotional. I kept taking pictures of the Lexi crying, because most kids don't pay attention at a wedding - even when it is their parents - and I was moved by her intense emotion."

Missie Lafrenz Photography

"It was really telling to her whole excitement about the wedding day! It was so cute to see such a little girl happy-cry during the vows and then run with glee after they said 'I do!'"

Now the Iowa family has not only incredible images to remember the day but also countless memories.