Todrick Hall Says That Learning to Be Anti-Racist Must Be Met With an Open Heart and Open Mind

The queer, pop, icon wants you to do your own research

Todrick Hall isn’t just the face of Pride 2020, Todrick is actively speaking out on how being anti-racist, diverse, and inclusive directly intersects with celebrating the history of LGBTQ+ community.

While speaking with RADIO.COM's AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon on CHANNEL Q’s The Morning Beat, Todrick says, “for any white people out there listening, it's not your Black friend’s job, who has already endured so much, to figure out a way to now be your private tutor on how to be a great human being and how to look at people equally.” It is on non-Black people to educate themselves on how to be an active and aware ally.

As Pride season is taking place amidst the national Black Lives Matter movement, Todrick discusses how we have to acknowledge that racism is a learned habit. “We know that people are taught this, they’re carefully taught and groomed and manipulated into believing that one race is superior… All of these stereotypes can basically be clicked and applied to all people who look like this,” Hall shares.

It is evident that racism is engrained in all of our systems and institutions, right down to the LGBTQ+ community. AJ asks the “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” singer what he wants to see change? The queer pop icon says we must, “change the lives of the kids that are coming up because they have the benefit of not having to grow up in a world where there is no diversity and no representation.” Hall continues by asking that we all speak up in moments when racist comments are blatantly made. He says, “that is to me, the most powerful thing each and every one of us can do.”

Hall asks that we treat others the way you would treat your loved ones. Doing the research allows us to rid ourselves of implicit biases. Finally, Todrick emphasizes the idea that “If you go into it [educating yourself] with an open heart, and without your ego, it will change your perspective on your experience as a human being living in America.”

Check out the full interview with Todrick Hall below.


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