5 Things You Need To Know About Elle King

Find out everything from album details to who she wants to kiss

Elle King is finished with her sophomore album, gifting us with her brand new single “Shame” as a taste of what’s to come. To celebrate the upbeat and soulful track, Elle gave us a shameless interview letting us in on five secrets.

The multi-talented Tanner Elle Schneider is better known by her fierce stage name, Elle King. The “Ex’s and Oh’s” singer’s unique sound covers country, rock and everything in between, making her sound as memorable as her laid-back and honest personality. 

Elle told us about everything from how the band Ghost almost ruined her Grammys experience to who she would want to kiss… and also perform with.

Find out who she was singing for when she went into a frenzy of debating whether the experience was terrifying or awesome in our exclusive interview:


Honestly, Ghost, how dare you! Stay tuned for more details on her upcoming, elevated sophomore album.