Alice In Chains Release ‘Rainier Fog,’ A Symbol of Home

It turns out they're just in it for the money and chicks...

Alice In Chains are hot off the release of their brand-new album, Rainier Fog. Despite years of success, iconic music and mind-blowing performances, it turns out these rock icons are just in it for the money! Or so they claim... 

An album recorded in the shadow of Seattle’s Mt. Rainier is bound to contain influences that feel larger than life. Alice In Chains’ Rainier Fog demonstrates just that, delivering a pure rock album that’s sonically huge. 

The Seattle natives have been together for 31 years but still manage to come together and create music that sounds fresh and energized. Driving riffs and atmospheric vocals characterize their latest release, a symbol of home and a summary of all that is Alice In Chains. 

In our exclusive interview, the band revealed that they’re just in it for the money and chicks… Watch them discuss the roots of Rainier Fog here: