Blink-182 Has Recorded Over 40 Songs for Upcoming Album: “Our Expectations Are Crazy”

Hear from Travis Barker on their progress

“We have over 40 songs recorded… and we’ve never recorded that many songs for an album,” Travis Barker reveals in a new interview about Blink-182’s progress in the studio.

Blink-182 recently revealed they’re planning on releasing their follow-up to 2016’s California before they take the stage at July’s Warped Tour festivities. With just a few months before their album release timeframe, it sounds like the band may have too much work done.

Dozens of songs have already been recorded for their highly-anticipated upcoming release. Barker explained to Holly Wire that the most songs they’ve ever recorded stems from their sky-high standards for the album they’ve described as most similar to their self-titled LP. “Our expectations for this album are crazy. Only 10-12 will be on the album, but you gotta have those 10-12 that are just bangers.”

“We’re in a place where we don’t really want to repeat ourselves. We’ve done this for so long we just want the absolute best,” he continued of the laser focus they’re applying. The alt titans have maintained incredible success over their almost three decades as a band.

Along with gearing up for their new album, Blink is looking back to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Enema Of The State with plans to play it in full.