Brendon Urie Actually Walked Up A Building In “High Hopes” Behind-The-Scenes

See how Panic! At The Disco’s latest video came together
Photo credit Ron Elkman USA TODAY NETWORK

When Panic! At The Disco's “High Hopes” video was first released, we joked about Brendon Urie adding the talent of walking up buildings to his resume. Now that we have the behind-the-scenes video, it turns out he ACTUALLY walked up the building.

Special effects have come so far you just kind of assume that anything ridiculous is done in post, right? Not with Mr. Disco. He insisted on walking up the entire building and the only thing that stopped him was, you guessed it: insurance.

The energetic frontman verges on giddy when watching the video back, cracking himself up with a wave to someone inside the building.

Watch him be adorable and see how the “High Hopes” video came together in their latest behind-the-scenes: