Bring Me The Horizon Are Ambitious and Pioneering on New Album ‘amo’

Their biggest sonic shift yet is here

“Cause a kid on the ‘gram in a Black Dahlia tank says it ain’t heavy metal,” sings frontman Oli Sykes in a self-aware moment anticipating the backlash they’ll receive for making such a huge shift.

British rockers Bring Me The Horizon are fearlessly experimental on sixth studio album amo. With a GRAMMY nomination on their resumes months before the album was even out, the band is set to kick off their biggest year yet.

The new release is a sonically huge work that continues on their fast track out of metalcore and into a genreless microcosm they’re creating all on their own. The ambition may leave fans of their original sound struggling to relate, with the band admitting the album takes a few listens because of its genre bending.

Amo is wordplay on both ammunition and “I love” in Portuguese.  The dual meaning is a preview of subjects that go from the pain of Oli’s divorce to the bliss of his new wife, Brazilian model Alissa Salls. He’s simultaneously vicious and in love on the EDM-heavy album with tracks like the Grimes-assisted “nihilist blues.” The inclusion of adventurous interludes and intros in between songs that tread through rock, pop, and dance secures their spot as pioneers who are deciding the future of the genre.

Managing to successfully make a shift to an electronic-leaning sound while still being authentic and unique, amo is the band’s next step to becoming rock juggernauts.