The BTS ARMY Has Lots of Theories About Their Angelic New Song 'Lights'

The possible meanings behind their Japanese release

BTS is here with their official release of “Lights,” a soft Japanese ballad that shows off the group’s incredible vocals. Jimin and Jungkook deliver flawless harmonies as the group floats through a stunning new music video. 

The new song tells the story of having a guiding light to help you through hardships. The song is in Japanese, marking BTS’ first release in the language of the year. The global superstars are continuing to bring their music to a wider audience, making their lyrics more and more accessible through the use of English, Korean, and Japanese. 

A brand new music video for “Lights” shows the boys sitting together in a movie theater and dancing through twinkling lights. While the video may just look like a pretty picture to some, the BTS ARMY has a lot of thoughts about it. Theories include that the lights represent the BTS ARMY, that there’s a connection between “Lights” and Jungkook’s “Euphoria,” that the video represents their journey to stardom, and that the video dives into their true selves rather than just their stage personas. 

Here are some of the fan-favorite theories on what messages could be hidden in their new visual: