Carly Pearce Defends Herself After Being Sent Body-Shaming Instagram Message

She's not letting anyone ruin her self-image!
Photo credit Ron Elkman

Carly Pearce is standing up for herself and trying to use a bad situation to spread a positive message.

After a headlining show in Iowa on January 20, Carly took to Instagram to check some of her messages.  Her attempt to chat with her fans about the show was turned into a negative experience when she read a message that she was shocked someone would ever send.

The user sent photos zoomed in on her stomach and asked if she was pregnant. Carly used the messages as an opportunity to call out body shaming and send a message to people that think it’s ok to send something like that.

“I feel like this is important (especially for women) to see that WORDS ARE POWERFUL,” she wrote in the caption. Fans rallied behind her in support, commenting words of encouragement and sharing their own experiences with rude comments about appearance.