Cheat Codes FaceTime Logan Paul While Playing Truth or Dare with Jack & Jack + Drax Project

And Logan ACTUALLY answers
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Truth or dare is infamous for resulting in some memorable moments, for better or for worse. The game of truth or dare we played with Cheat Codes, Jack & Jack and Drax Project is no different, leaving us with some of the most iconic dares ever.

From getting Cheat Codes to FaceTime the most famous person in their phones (spoiler alert: it was Logan Paul) to challenging Drax Project to a push-up competition, this was the best game of truth or dare. Who would Jack & Jack reincarnate themselves as? Who wins the push-up competition? Was anyone even counting?

Watch the incredible game below, with cameos from Logan Paul… and a fly.

“FacePaul” is a new term that we’re ready to trademark. Although it has a very limited use and can only be applied to FaceTiming one of the Paul brothers, we still think it’ll come in handy…