CNN Urges People to Stop Using "Blink182" As Password

"GoodCharlotte" is probably much more secure

Data about the most common passwords was recently revealed, and it includes a completely unsurprising list of almost entirely useless passwords. Consider this: If you’re going to make “123456” your password, you may as well just hand your social security number out to random people on the streets. It’s a much more direct approach. 

In a Tweet sharing the survey, CNN also asked people to stop using “blink182” as a password- although blink183 is likely still fine.

First of all, the real security issue here is that they even have data on our passwords in the first place. So what if we are using “NickelbackSlaps” as our password? What’s it to you, honestly?

Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker responded to the suggestion with a shrug, while fans in the comments hit back with the perfect replies.