EXCLUSIVE: The Glorious Sons Deliver Stripped-Down Performance of “Come Down”

An emotive rendition of the 'Young Beauties and Fools' track

The Glorious Sons are the latest addition to our continually growing lists of “Bands That Are Gonna Blow Up.” The Canadian rockers have seen exponential growth in the past year alone, earning themselves an opening slot for the beyond legendary Rolling Stones and finding an outpouring of support from new audiences. 

In our exclusive interview, the band explained needing to pull over to cry when they got the great news- entirely understandable. One of the many tracks that helped land them the career-defining tour is “Come Down,” a synthy and emotional song featured on their 2017 Young Beauties and Fools

This new rendition cuts down some of the song’s original electronic parts and allows Brett Emmons’ vocals to shine in the intimate setting. 

Find out everything from the absolute worst place they’ve been asked for a photo to how landing an opening spot for The Rolling Stones went down in the interview below: