EXCLUSIVE: King Princess’ Honest ‘Make My Bed’ Lyrics Ended Up On Harry Styles’ Twitter

Hear about dinner with Mark Ronson, her androgynous pen-name & more

From Harry Styles tweeting her lyrics to talking crap with Mark Ronson, these last few months have been a whirlwind for King Princess.

19-year-old singer-songwriter Mikaela Strauss is better known by her confidence-inducing stage name of King Princess. The Brooklyn native is fresh off the release of her debut EP, Make My Bed: a 5-song project that’s made waves with its atmospheric instrumentals, honest lyrics and infectious beats.

Strauss discussed writing the EP in her first year of college and finding comfort in writing for herself rather than for the public. This allowed her to freely discuss her sexuality and stay true to her carefree, no-filter self. “Can I say f***?” Go for it.  

There are no topics off limits for Strauss.  She doesn’t shy away from talking about her sexuality or the lack of music out there for her and her fellow “queer music” lovers.  Not only is this why we love King Princess, but what makes her a music icon of this generation.

Watch our exclusive interview below:


Does anyone know where she got her hat from? I think I need it.

King Princess is currently wrapping up her first headlining tour and has been sharing all of the shenanigans on her Twitter account. You can find her remaining tour dates, music and more here.

If you're like us and can't get enough of this charming gal, stick around and watch the home video-inspired visual for her beautiful “1950” below: