EXCLUSIVE: Mumford & Sons Summarize the Last 3 Years on ‘Delta’

How the brand new album became a story of their lives

Mumford & Sons are back with their long-awaited return, delivering Delta as their first new album in three years. The diverse, 14-track LP spans all the way from hip-hop influences seen in synthy beats to remaining hints of their folk-leaning roots that captivated the world in 2012 hit “I Will Wait.”

Throughout their writing process, they were able to both learn about themselves and chronicle what happened during their break from releasing music. Delta allowed them to dive into vulnerable themes like depression and divorce… while also discovering that Ted is just way better than the rest of the band. 

Despite the "melodramatic" nature of describing the largely autobiographical album as a summary of their lives, the honest English band has always written about things close to their hearts. 

The album opens with the dramatic and atmospheric “42” before diving into vulnerable themes on tracks such as “If I Say.” Watch them give a track-by-track breakdown of their brand new album below: