A Fabulous Beyonce Was Spotted Shopping at Target

She’s just like the rest of us… but also perfect
Photo credit PictureGroup

Beyoncé is continuing to be effortlessly iconic with another casual trip to Target.

While Target is essentially everyone’s favorite store, no one expected to see the queen of basically everything slaying down the baby aisle in an orange jumpsuit and sunglasses.

The LA store wasn’t even shut down so that she could shop in peace, she just went in and blessed the general public with her presence. The humility is unreal.

Twitter righfully had a mass freak-out over her doing normal people things and created some of the most relatable reactions ever. Tweets spanned from trying to figure out why the photos were taken at such a low angle to people that actually saw her shopping at Target in person. Imagine.

Here are some of our favorite reactions to the phenomenon that is Beyoncé at Target: