Foster The People Clown Around in “Worst Nites” Video

Watch the Mark Foster and Josh Hutcherson-directed video here

Warning: This video is not for people who hate clowns. Foster The People’s Mark Foster, The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson, and real-life clown Richie the Barber just teamed up for one of our favorite music videos of the years.

The Los Angeles band’s new visual for “Worst Nites” is a playful take on their new single that follows the journey of an undercover clown. From working in an office where “clowning around” isn’t allowed to embracing his true nature in an incredible choreographed dance, this is what we call good character development.

Foster noted his excitement to jump into a directorial role, diving into what he calls “music video boot camp” with only six days to plan and film. “I’ve been obsessed with film my whole life but haven’t been ready to step into a director’s role until this year. Josh has grown up working on films and is a super talented director in his own right, so it was a perfect way to get my feet wet,” he explains of their dream team.

We're so here for Richie learning to embrace his hidden clown side.