Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Slipknot Masks Are Made

Getting goop poured on you is worth it in the end
Photo credit Raphael Dias, Getty

With a new Slipknot era comes the need for more iconic masks.

After celebrating Halloween with new track “All Out Life,” the band is officially ready to dive into the next version of the horror-film-ready imagery. Working with special effects artist Tom Savini, the band is getting their masks done by the same man who’s lent his makeup skills to Friday the 13th, Dawn Of The Dead, and Day Of The Dead.

In a new series of behind-the-scenes photos on Corey Taylor’s Instagram, the frontman shared photos of his head covered in goop. The slightly gross photo series is all part of the process.

The Slipknot mask making is well under way and the big reveal should be coming soon. “Since I can’t show you the mask yet… here’s what we go through to have them made,” he writes in his Instagram caption.