GHOST’s Tobias Forge Discusses Need for More Ambition in Rock

Rock music definitely isn’t dead, but it is lacking

Swedish metal band GHOST is well-known for taking risks, from their theatric stage costumes to their unique and easily identifiable sound.

Lead singer Tobias Forge recently sat down for an interview with Blabbermouth where he discussed some of the voids left in current rock music. 

Rock isn’t dead—we all know that and are tired of hearing it. According to Forge, the real issue is “a lack of new talent or new ambition.”

"It's hard to really put my finger on what has happened,” he noted, “but I think that rock, in general, has been extremely dominated by bands that are 30, 40 years old.” While there’s nothing wrong with seeing the same bands continue to succeed, it is concerning to see so few up-and-coming bands find their way to the top.

Forge believes that “rock music needs to step up” by introducing new talent and presenting young bands that are ready to fill stadiums and close the current gap. We completely agree.