It All Starts with Parking in the Grass

Get your car road trip ready with these five tips for an eco-friendly car wash
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Although it’s a more cost-effective option, washing your car at home can lead to spreading harmful chemicals and wasting tons of water. Check out this list of five car washing tips to get the most bang for your bang buck while being eco-friendly!

  1. Park your car in the grass

Grass and soil are natural filters for chemicals that come from car washing products. By allowing the grass to absorb any run-off, you’re stopping those chemicals from going into water sources.

  1. Use waterless products

Using a hose to wash your car will waste a lot of water. Instead, opt to use waterless products such as Eco Touch and a small spray bottle to target dirt.

  1. Ditch the harsh chemicals

Products such as Windex have harsh chemicals that can harm the environment. By switching out products for easy DIY versions, you’re saving money while saving the environment. A super quick window cleaner can be whipped up by combining equal parts distilled vinegar and tap water.

  1. DIY car shine

Mixing two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice is an easy way to cut down on chemicals while still achieving that post-car-wash glow!

  1. Consider a commercial car wash

If you can find an eco-friendly car wash near you, don’t be afraid to hit them up! Commercial car washes are required to send their water to the sewers, making sure it doesn’t end up in your local river.