Jacquees Claims He’s the King of R&B, Do You Agree?

The internet has a lot to say about it
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By , Radio.com

Jacquees has been making some weirdly controversial headlines recently, from running into issues with his popular remix of Ella Mai’s “Trip” to now stirring up a Twitter storm with his statement that he’s the “king of R&B.”

Jacquees has a polished sound with a smooth voice, but that’s a huge statement to make when he’s going up against titans like Bruno Mars, Usher, and The Weeknd. “Now it’s my time,” he said in a video shared online after acknowledging the greats that came before him.

The confident video ended up leading to a Twitter-wide dispute that involved some shady crying laughing emojis and arguing. Everyone from John Legend and Chrissy Teigen to Ty Dolla $ign got involved in the debate, offering both silly responses and serious insight about the blurring of genre lines.

Before we can decide who the king of R&B is, I guess we have to decide what R&B actually is.  Get some of the best replies and tell us who you think the king is below.