The Jonas Brothers Admit “Having to Censor” Themselves During Early Days

Their PAPER cover dives into their time with Disney

The Jonas Brothers are using nostalgia to their advantage. After six years apart, the beloved group is back and tugging on the heartstrings of fans who have been waiting for their return since they were kids.

As the siblings emerge anew with wives, years of experience, and a fresh outlook on the music industry, things are much different than they were the first time around. For those of you fake fans (sorry, we’re passionate about this) the Jo Bros got their start as a Disney band with sugary pop rock, love songs, and an innocent image crowned by their always-present purity rings.  

The “Poor Unfortunate Souls” music video played between commercial breaks before the group was given a full show of their own. Look, if we’re going to do this whole reunion thing the right way, 1. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” needs to be on the setlist and 2. Jonas needs to come back on TV.

In a new cover story for PAPER, the Jonas Brothers dove into their time on Disney and how it shaped them as a band. While they’re grateful for it overall, they found themselves becoming watered-down versions of who they really are.

"We're not really defined by those years," Nick tells PAPER before admitting how influential the early years were. 

"I don't feel as frustrated now as I did then. We were having to censor ourselves, I think any artist could relate. That's not fun,” Joe recalled. “We were at a standstill with our TV show and the movies. We were young adults, having to pretend like we're young teenagers."

"It was sort of a rocket ship to the moon during that time. When Disney played our video for 'Year 3000,' everything changed. It all started to happen when Disney got on board. Our years doing Camp Rock and TV shows were really formative," Nick explained before acknowledging that their Disney years are still what fans connect to.

“Though we felt limited at times, bottom line, Disney was really good for us; really good training wheels for anybody that wants to become a musician or entertainer, as far as work ethic and all the rest."

While their Disney time wasn’t all glitz and glam, they’re more than excited to be back together and are looking forward to the June 7 release of Happiness Begins. "It's been so overwhelming and so exciting. It means so much to us to be able to do this again as brothers,” Kevin gushed.

Get a full look into their reunion and what’s to come in their PAPER cover story here.