Kehlani Has Adorable Baby Shower, SZA Gifts Her a Year’s Worth of Diapers

See the stunning photos from her celebration

After being nervous about sharing her pregnancy announcement with the world, Kehlani is ready to fully bask in the glow of creating life.

With her debut album recently hitting its 2-year anniversary, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. “I’m producer of the year rn,” she writes in a Tweet the day of her baby shower.

Donned in a flowing goddess dress that shows off her fully-developed baby bump, the Bay Area R&B singer celebrated the upcoming birth of her daughter with a bunch of great friends.

Photos being shared of the super sweet shower show a tropical vibe with pastel balloons, flowers, and palm leaves in the background. Along with sharing stunning photos with her, friends also came through with some great gifts for her baby girl, Adeya Nomi.

“Auntie SZA got us a years worth of diapers,” she responds to a fan who asked what her favorite gift was. Is anyone else weirdly excited for Kehlani to become the most perfect mom ever?