Luke Bryan’s Wife Shares Shirtless Photo of Him Hugging Their Dog: “Arms Be Poppin”

“He hugs Choc with more emotion than me”

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline are continuing to have one of the funniest relationships on the internet. After celebrating Mother’s Day with a meme-ready photo of Caroline rather than a sappy post, she’s back to expose Luke this time around…

A photo shared to Instagram shows Luke sitting on their floor with his arms wrapped around their gorgeous chocolate lab, Choc. The shirtless Luke is clearly completely enamored with their sweet pup, so much so that Caroline is a tiny bit jealous.

“He hugs Choc with more emotion than me...I usually get a slap on the ass. #amanandhisdog,” she joked in the caption.

Luke responded with some self-love, admiring how good his arms look in the photo. “Arms be poppin. #gymrat #27%bodyfat.”

Fans played off of his hilarious egotism in the comments, joking that they barely noticed Luke was in the picture because they were so busy looking at his cute dog. Sorry Luke!