Monsta X Reveal 5 Seconds of Summer is on Their List of Dream Collaborations

See who else they're itching to work with!

We’re closing out an incredible year in music with one of the biggest rising groups of 2018: Monsta X

After joining us to deliver some of their most iconic dance moves and give a beginner’s guide to K-pop slang, the group is dishing on some of the artists that have inspired them along their path to K-pop superstardom. 

In our exclusive interview, the “DRAMARAMA” singers revealed who they’re dying to collaborate with. They’re readying to take over pop in 2019 with goals to produce bops with some of the biggest names in music, spanning from one of this year’s queens of pop to a sweet EDM king we’re massive fans of. 

Find out who Monsta X is eyeing for 2019 collabs in the video above, get more Monsta X below, and stay tuned for even more exclusive content from the group! 

If you’re new to K-pop and just discovering groups like Monsta X, it can seem like a daunting task to dive into a world with fans so dedicated that they’ve basically come up with a language of their own and are often even learning Korean to keep up with their idols. Monsta X is here to help with a quick K-pop dictionary where they define some key slang fans like their Monbebe are dropping: