Monsta X Reveals Their Guilty Pleasure Vending Machine Snacks

7UP to represent the 7 members

Monsta X just wrapped up an incredibly busy 2018 that included landing a spot on Billboard’s Social 50 chart and hitting well over 28M views on their “Shoot Out” music video. To celebrate, the emerging K-pop stars shared with us some of the snacks that helped keep them energized through the biggest year of their career. 

While their glowing skin makes it clear they’re not indulging in junk food super often, the guys do have a few go-to snacks. Their vending machine choices span from needing a boost from Red Bull to make up for a busy schedule to adorably choosing 7UP to represent the group’s seven members.

Watch their vending machine adventures in the video above.

Monsta X’s Sound-Bite is just one of a ton of awesome exclusives we have with the group. Along with sharing their junk food cravings, they gave us a rundown of K-pop slang you need to know to keep up with their Monbebe.