Panic! At The Disco Pleads for Boundaries During Crowd Walk After Inappropriate Touching

The band is considering ending their fan-favorite experience
Photo credit Tiana Timmerberg, RADIO.COM

Fans are risking the loss of Panic! At The Disco’s concert “death walk” by giving a more literal meaning to what should just be a pleasant, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As Panic! At The Disco has shifted from intimate general admission shows to selling out stadiums, the “High Hopes” musicians have tried to keep their connection with fans through a bunch of different experiences. One is their fan-favorite “death walk,” a walk through the crowd where Brendon Urie leaves the stage on an adventure through the floor seats.

As he sings “Death Of A Bachelor” and hugs fans who are in the right place at the right time, some people are ruining the experience by overstepping their boundaries. Tour manager Zack Hall took to social media to ask for respect and give a fair warning that not complying would lead to the loss of the walk.

“It’s a fun thing he likes to do and enjoys being that close to you guys, but come on,” he writes after videos of fans grabbing Brendon surfaced.

The super sweet frontman has spoken out about his need for respect during the walk before. Click here to see the rest of their tour dates, hear from him on what it’s ok to do and watch a pleasant death walk experience below!