Panic! At The Disco Shares Inspiring “High Hopes” Music Video

Watch the visual for the upbeat jam below
HBOB 2020
Photo credit Mena Diaz

Panic! At The Disco are riding the wave of their chart-topping Pray For The Wicked, delivering hit after hit with “Hey Look Ma, I Made It,” “Say Amen (Saturday Night),” and “High Hopes.”

Their brand new visual for the inspirational “High Hopes” follows frontman Brendon Urie’s rise to the top… literally. He continues to prove his endless talents in this feel-good music video, adding superhero-like powers to his growing list of skills. 

Watch him traverse LA streets and casually walk up a building in this stunning music video.

We have questions. Was this actually filmed on the streets? And if so, why is no one in this video freaking out because Brendon Urie just walked past them? Sure, the building climbing is cool or whatever but come on… it’s Brendon freaking Urie.