Pearl Jam Perform 1991 Outtake “Evil Little Goat” for First Time

Watch the incredible live debut here
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Legends tell of a mystical Pearl Jam song titled “Evil Little Goat.” Only a select few have had the pleasure of hearing the incredible track and even fewer have seen it live.

The less than two-minute long song is a cult-favorite and essentially just repeats “she was an evil little goat” over minor chords. On August 20 at Chicago's Wrigley Field, the band surprised fans with an unexpected performance of "Evil Little Goat," marking its live debut after 27 years. Frontman Eddie Vedder’s baas and ear wiggling are the icing on the cake of this incredible performance.

Watch the first ever performance of the 1991 B-side below:

Pearl Jam is currently wrapping up a cross-country run that finishes Labor Day weekend with two sold-out Boston shows. Just a few of the tour's highlights include a hometown Seattle show that raised around $10 million to fight homelessness and covers of The White Stripes, David Bowie, and The Beatles