School Principal Announces Snow Day Through Chilly Performance of “Hallelujah”

The best way to cancel class

“Let me reiterate, we are not going to humiliate ourselves by singing a snow day song,” administrator Jim Kitchen announces before diving into a school canceling performance. 

With the Polar Vortex rolling through the Midwest, hundreds of schools across the country are celebrating the dangerous cold with the childhood joy that is a snow day. 

Instead of just sticking to a usual announcement format of calling homes with a monotonous, pre-recorded announcement, these Michigan school officials are spicing things up. Or, icing things down? 

Swartz Creek Community Schools Superintendent Ben Mainka and high school principal Jim Kitchen presented a new spin to classic Leonard Cohen hit "Hallelujah." The snowy version of the song features the two surprisingly talented administrators harmonizing about the school cancelation. 

“I heard about a winter storm / It's cold and dreary, stay home, stay warm / It's cold and it's a snowy winter morning” sings Mainka. Watch their full performance in the video above.