Watch Kids Be Absolutely Terrified While Meeting Poppy

Good thing she’s inside a box… it’s safer there

Poppy is a character that can be polarizing with her half human and half android nature, delivering skits that may be slightly terrifying if you’re not prepared for her stoicness and lack of… well… emotion.

In a new episode of FBE’s React series, kids get introduced to Poppy for the first time. After reacting to her videos for years and creating a very meta saga that also included Poppy reacting to the kids reacting to her, they finally get to see each other in person. But, the kids weren’t too happy about it.

From making sure she doesn’t escape the glass box she’s trapped in to eventually becoming friends with her, these are the best reaction’s we’ve ever seen.

If you’ve been around for our series of exclusive interviews with her, you probably already know we stand firmly in the Poppy is incredible camp. Despite her sometimes terrifying nature, she tries to be a good person and takes responsibility for her mistakes- including starting the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.