YouTuber Daniel Howell Comes Out As Gay

The thorough video describes the complexities of sexuality

“Spoiler alert: I’m not straight” Daniel Howell kicks off a YouTube video he tells Twitter he’s been gaining the courage to make for years.

Dan Howell is a YouTube phenomenon that’s beloved for his wonderfully relatable awkwardness, his incredible sense of humor, and his honest stories. With 6.4M subscribers, the longtime video-maker has long been one of the biggest presences on YouTube.  

“I’m pretty sure no one that knows me thinks I’m straight, so I don’t really need to ‘come out’ as much as just clarify what the h*ll is going on,” he jokes in the 45 minute video titled “Basically I'm Gay.”  Along with directly calling out the issues that come from discovering identity and diving into the discrimination that followed him all throughout his childhood, Dan opens up about the complexities of sexuality.

From struggling with the need for labels to weaving through confusion about his identity, the video touches on everything he's felt throughout the years. Stereotypes are called out and stories of rejection are confessed all while he keeps his usual sarcastic humor. 

Fans immediately shared loads of support and praised him for the courage it took to post the video. The video couldn’t be a more perfect celebration of Pride Month. Get his full explanation in the video above, but beware of strong language!