Zayn Hints at Tour, New Album and ‘Atlanta’ Appearance

A recap of his captivating GQ interview

Zayn Malik is one of the most interestingly mysterious people ever. After doing a 180 from One Direction’s overwhelming media presence, we’re now getting a taste of the real Zayn.

After skipping touring on his album Mind of Mine, the singer insists he’ll hit the road on his upcoming album cycle. We can safely assume his sophomore album is in the works.

Zayn also mentioned a potential appearance in the upcoming season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta. In his typical incredibly laid-back fashion, he responds that he’ll consider it if the role seems fitting.

He hints at how trust issues have influenced his decisions and admits his lack of confidants in the industry. The incredibly enigmatic Zayn seems to have let his guard down at least a tiny bit in this interview and has painted a beautifully honest picture of who he really is, no typical celebrity fluff involved.