Top 5 Fashion Mistakes People Make While Traveling Winter Holiday Thanksgiving Family New Years

By: Kelly Meyers
Photo credit © Kiattisak Lamchan |

Every time I go to the airport to do any kind of traveling, I plan my outfit accordingly.

First of all, I want to be comfortable in the small economy seat I will be stuffed into. Also, I realize I may have to run from one side of the massive airport to the other to catch my connecting flight. I will get sweaty, and my feet are going to hurt. 

And let's not forget, we all need to go through TSA screening and strip off jewelry, shoes, coats, sweaters, belts, etc. 

But it never fails. I always see those people that are decked out like they are heading to a photo shoot for a "Fashion Magazine." They are in some fancy outfit with a full face of makeup and enough accessories for four people. What's the point? I guess this is okay if you're taking some flight to meet the person you met online kind of like a 90 Day Fiance scenario. Do you watch that show? It's complete trash and full of drama, but it's my guilty pleasure. 

So here are a few fashion mistakes many people make when traveling. If you are planning to fly this holiday season, you may want to keep these in mind!

1. Wearing the wrong shoes

Although those sky-high heels may be adorable, they aren't convenient for all the walking you will be doing through an airport lugging your luggage and carry on! Ouch!

2. Flip-flops

Although these are easy to slip off for the TSA screening, they don't offer much support, and it can be nasty having to sit next to you and your feet on a long flight. 

3. Tight clothing

Just remember, you will be sitting on your butt for a while. Will those cute skinny jeans end up digging into you and making you uncomfortable? 

4. Large handbags

While these may be practical to fit a lot of your carry on items in, they sometimes are too large to fit underneath the seat in front of you or in the tiny space in the overhead compartment. 

5. Shorts on a Plane

I get it, you're going to some tropical island and you want to be ready when you get off the plane. But planes are often cold. It's better to wear pants, a short sleeve shirt, and bring another layer like a sweatshirt, should you get too cold. 

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