7-Year-Old Caught on Surveillance Dancing After Seeing First Snowfall

October 11, 2018

Trey Hilliard was caught on his home’s surveillance video doing a happy dance when he saw Colorado’s first snow of the season. Even thought it was just a dusting that didn’t stop him for busting a move.

“He loves to go sledding and build snowmen and forts and he loves to have snowball fights.  He also started skiing last year and fell in love with that too, so snow means more fun things to do,” Kaile explained.

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The 7-year-old loves the snow but Trey’s mom, Kaile, tells Radio.com but she had no idea that he’d break out into a dance because of it.

The family didn’t initially realize that they caught such an adorable moment on camera. Kaile said, “Our daughter had decided to check the camera to see if it was snowing and found the snow dance. They came down laughing and showed Trey and I the video and we all cracked up.  Trey said he had forgotten about the camera and was just happy it snowed.”

Here’s to more snowfalls so Trey can get enough powder to build a snowman.