WATCH: Offset Crashes Cardi B’s Concert Begging for Forgiveness

By: Rebecca Ortiz

Cardi B and Offset may be "not together," but it's not-so-subtle now that he wants her back and BAD!

The gauntlet was def thrown down last weekend at the Pepsi Jingle Bash in Illinois when Cardi switched up some lyrics in her song that talked about divorce and the socials went bananas! So much so that Offset himself responded saying he still loved her!

But that was just the beginning!

Check out what Offset did when Cardi was in L.A. headlining the Rolling Loud Festival:

OK, first off - did you catch that he said "I just want to tell you I'm sorry bruh" - BRUH?! Not love of my life, mother of my child, etc. SMH.

So the video cuts off before you can see Cardi's response, but a source there says:

"Unfortunately for Offset, Cardi B appeared none too pleased with the surprise gesture and proceeded to dress him down for the whole audience to see. Offset eventually left the stage without saying another word, amounting to one incredibly embarrassing public rejection."


I mean he showed up at her work! So, while she may be down for his road to redemption, no one can blame her for being upset about being bombarded on-stage.

Should Cardi take him back?