WATCH: Once Homeless Little Boy Cries When He Sees His Brand New Room

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Welcome home, Daeyre!

This little boy and his mom Dionna have been homeless for years.

Finally, the family has a place to live, and all the eight-year-old ever wanted was a bed of his own... and when he finally saw that bed and his new room, he simply couldn't control his emotions.

Not only did the family get their home renovated and redecorated thanks to Humble Design, they also received a brand new car and Dionna was given $10,000 for her to put toward nursing school costs.

Not only does this family finally have a house -- they have a home.

Humble Design partners with local area homeless and abuse shelters to identify families that are emerging from shelters and into low-income housing. Many of these families are victims of abuse and have left behind all personal items upon escaping and entering an emergency shelter. Most have no beds, books, toys or furniture to call their own.

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