What Do You Get When You Cross A Biker Bar With A Polka Hall of Famer? Greta Van Fleet!

The bizarre and exciting good ol' days of Greta Van Fleet

Ahh, the good ol' days. Greta Van Fleet may be touring the world now... but everyone starts somewhere. 

And for these guys, it was apparently biker bars. 


Greta Van Fleet got their start the way most rock stars did -- playing in random hometown dive bars. But we're not sure how many of them were doing that at age 13. Sam and Danny, at age 13, and Josh and Jacob, both 16, were using their family’s vans to get equipment to and from gigs. "We did I think like 3 biker gigs up in northern Michigan in the woods, big bonfires, like something out of a movie," Josh recalls. Seems like an interesting audience for 13 and 16-year-olds to perform for, but rest assured, Sam can confidently say, "The bikers loved us! But they sometimes got violent. Daniels dad almost got hit in the face!" Luckily, being the musicians (and mere teenagers) they were always treated very well.

Growing up in Frankenmuth - a very small, Bavarian town in Michigan where the polka squads run deep – the guys tell us it wasn't all biker bars and bonfires. Josh, Jacob, and Sam’s grandfather is actually in the Polka Hall of Fame (yes, that sure is a thing!). And if you were ever wondering, Sam happily settles the age-old battle of Polish vs German polkas for us:


Unfortunately, we're not sure these guys were blessed with that polka gene. However, very fortunate for us all, they took the Greta Van Fleet road instead. And if you want to be blessed with the brilliance that is Greta Van Fleet, check back tomorrow, for an exclusive performance of ‘Flower Power’ and ‘Black Smoke Rising’ from our Radio.com studio. You will definitely want to see that.