Wife Shocked After Husband of 40 Years Surprises Her with Second Wedding


By Kayla Jardine/Meredith Ganzman

After 40 years of marital bliss, this husband surprised his wife with the wedding of her dreams.

David and Vicki O'Hara were first married on April 22, 1978, in front of just a judge and two witnesses, but this time around, David, a father of four, wanted to do things differently.

It took months of planning but the couple’s children, Justin, Neele, Jennifer and Brad, their spouses and 12 grandchildren helped to pull off the surprise affair in Colorado.

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They even had a wedding dress made for Vicki, and her son, Brad, walked her down the aisle.

Then there was dancing, cake and a whole lot of love to celebrate a marriage that is sure to last many more years.