Greg Van Roten Tells Josh Parcell the Concerns Among Players For This Season

By Sports Radio WFNZ

The former offensive lineman for the Panthers and now newly minted guard for the New York Jets joined Josh Parcell today on Wilson & Parcell as the conversation started with the concerns of players for efficient COVID-19 testing

"I think that they are doing their best that they can and the whole thing is coming down to the question of is this is safe as can be? So far we are trying to figure out what the safest measure is and everything right now is a hypothetical."

Despite not re-signing with the Panthers, Josh wanted to know what his interactions were with new coach Matt Rhule and Greg responded that "I only got to talk to him a few times but every interaction I had with him was impressive. He doesn't seem like a guy who is overwhelmed at all by the task ahead of him, so if you're a Panthers fan I don't think the future will be bleak for the organization at all."

Greg also stated that with coach Rhule's contract, there is no question that right now the buck stops with Rhule in that organization.

Greg was also asked by Josh if he noticed people walking on eggshells inside Bank of America Stadium last year with regards to Cam Newton and Kyle Allen after Kyle Allen had a 4-0 start subbing in for the injured Cam.

"It was never in doubt who the starting QB was which was Cam. So when we won a few games with Kyle we were excited that we had momentum for when Cam could eventually return. I love that Kyle got that opportunity and the perception of Kyle bothers me because he has the stigma of being an undrafted player like me and he could be a solid starting QB in the league. Unfortunately, things fell through in the latter half of the year and a lot of things were out of our control."