Woman Helps Man Short On Cash, Finds Out It’s Keith Urban

By Nathan Vicar

A New Jersey substitute teacher thought she was paying for a struggling man's cup of coffee at a gas station on Friday, but it turned out to be country music star Keith Urban.

Ruth Reed has made it a goal to once a week pick up the tab for customers at a local convenience store, so when Urban was short a few dollars, the substitute teacher stepped in to help, NJ.com reported citing a Facebook post.

The singer reportedly thanked Reed and told her his name was Keith. 

That's when she told him he bared a resemblance to Keith Urban. When he said he was Keith Urban, she didn't believe him until his security guard confirmed she actually was talking to the musician.

“It was then I realized what an idiot I was," Reed told NBC.

He was in town ahead of his Friday night concert in Camden, NJ.