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World War II Veteran Gets His Stolen '67 Mustang Back, Restored By Volunteers

April 5, 2018

By Kayla Jardine/Joe Cingrana

Harry Donovan wasn’t sure he’d ever get the chance to see the Ford Mustang he bought for his late wife Marie back in 1969 again, but thanks to kind-hearted volunteers, that day finally came!

The 96-year-old World War II veteran wanted the important keepsake restored so his grandchildren could use it, but unfortunately, he lost thousands of dollars after hiring a mechanic to do the restoration -- who took the money and ran off with the car!

Thankfully the Mustang was eventually found and when some like-minded locals heard Harry’s story, they wanted to help.

Ken Mosier from auto body shop The Finer Details tells Radio.com that he heard about Donovan's story from the Indianapolis Star (the local newspaper) when a friend brought it in and threw it on his desk, telling him he needed to read the story. "He bought the Mustang new for his wife in 1967," Ken explains. 

So he and his crew worked 1,500 hours of overtime and completely restored the car with brand new parts for the veteran.

Donovan, he says, "was completely shocked when he saw the car and couldn’t stop smiling. It took over a year to completely restore the car and it did not cost Mr. Donovan anything out of his pocket. The unveiling was a surprise. The family knew it was done but he did not. He actually chose our shop to do the work."

Donovan was absolutely awestruck by their kindness and said the only thing missing was a license plate that read, 'For Marie.'

You can check out tons of photos taken before, during, and after the restoration HERE.