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Bob Radio, 94.9 HD2

When you go on this reggae journey eventually you get to the point where you discover reggae from all over the world. That Journey led me to finding Quique Neira from Chile who happens to be my favorite Latin Reggae artist. He fronted a couple of bands Bambu and Gondwana before embarking on his on solo career.


Since then he has released many albums, so many songs and he's even worked with artists like David Hinds of Steel Pulse, Alborosie, Ky-Mani Marley and many more.


I fell in love with his voice first and foremost but his lyrics just took it to the next level and the music is so rootsy, soulful and amazing, my vibes for sure. 


I thought I would have to fly to another country to see him live but it looks like he will be performing the San Diego Bahia Fest! I'm extremely happy my dream of seeing him perform live will finally come true!


It's hard for me to choose one favorite song by Quique Neira but I am going to go with a song off his Un Amor album titled Continente. 


The reason I love this song is because the lyrics are beautiful: 


"Somos la prueba fehaciente

y por mas que el mundo lo intente

no hay fronteras para el amor


Somos amor de un continente

y aunque seamos diferentes

nos ilumina el mismo sol"


Translating to:


"We are the reliable test and as much as the world tries there are no borders for love

We are love from a continent and although we are different the same sun illuminates us"



Also, the harmonies are perfection and the chords touch my soul, I love it!


Take a listen.