Willie Nelson is Making CBD Products for Pets

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Photo credit Rick Kern Stringer
By , Bob Radio, 94.9 HD2

One time regae artists, and long time country western icon Willie Nelson, who is no stranger to the cannabis industry has launched a new line of CBD products..... for pets.

According to their website. The new venture is being dubbed Willie's Rescue and will feature "natural and organic products including broad pectrum hemp oil" that are made and tested in the United States.

"As longtime animal advocates and pet owners, our family believes that the hemp plant has benefited our own animals," Nelson and his wife, Annie, said in a statement. "We want you and your best friends to experience the potential benefits of hemp together." The website adds, "Willie's Rescue products contain no THC (the compound in cannabis that creates inebriating effects. So if your pets act 'high,' it's probably just the natural effect of hanging out with their favourite person."  
A portion of proceeds from each sale will also go to local animal rescues. "Most animal rescuers are volunteers, doing it out of love," the Nelsons wrote on the site. "They're paying vet bills out of their own pockets. But still, they're out there, all the time, helping people and animals who need each other to find one another. It's beautiful. This is our way of saying thank you and keep up the good work."