New Music: Inna De Yard Chapter 2

Album and Documentary Film
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By Bob Radio, 94.9 HD2

Reggae Icons like Cedric 'The Congos' Myton and Horace Andy jam Inna De Yard - in the open air. Ken Boothe brings his own 'Everything I Own' and also adapts the little tune of 'The Godfather'. Also on the album are Kuddus I, Winston McAnuff, The Viceroys, and Judy Mowatt & Jah9 inna combination for the classic "Black Woman".

Here is the full song list:

1 Kiddus I – If You Love Me
2 Winston McAnuff – Malcolm X
3 Cedric Myton – Row Fisherman
4 Ken Boothe – Everything I Own
5 The Viceroys – Ya Ho
6 Horace Andy – Ain’t No Sunshine
7 Judy Mowatt & Jah9 – Black Woman
8 Kiddus I – Survive
9 Cedric Myton – Rebellion In Heaven
10 Var, Derajah & Winston McAnuff – Be Carefull
11 Derajah – Tribute To My Sista
12 Ken Boothe – Speak Softly Love
13 Var – Live Good

Up in the mountains above Kingston, Jamaica, there is a recording studio and it’s outside – the musicians performing on a balcony in a house overlooking the city.

Set in a natural habitat some of Jamaica’s biggest legends regrouped to record Soul of Jamaica, part of French label Chapter Two’s Inna De Yard project to rework old classics with fresh, acoustic arrangements.

The recording was set up as a documentary for a french producer and will be at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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